The year that was…

Where to start. 2012 was an eventful year for me personally with both its ups and downs. Adventures came to an end and new ones was started. I met new people and lost contact with others.

The road most traveled came to an end, together with a stipulated path that I chose a couple of years back.

The new year will be a year full of unknowns and mysteries, that will include new adventures and the knowledge that there is no set path or plan.

I enter the new year with the hopes of fun-filled adventures in new and foreign countries, as well of the fear of the unknown that I personally find fascinating. And I hope the unknown will be wonderful as well as eventful.

I wish everyone a blessed 2013 and let it be AWESOME.



1 month to go and counting…..

Hi All,

Sorry for the long delay between posts, but work has become quite hectic in the last couple of weeks.

So there is officially one month to go before my planned trip to Philadelphia. All my admin that needed to be completed is up to date and I have received my visa as well. So in a month’s time today I will be on a 20 hour flight to the States. And the excitement is starting to build up. I have also met a fellow South African that will be in Philly at the same time as me, but working for another firm. For this I have to thank friend Matt for introducing me.

I am now currently in my final week and the amount of admin keeps increasing.  But my experience I had from my three years at Ernst & Young was amazing, and the friends I made are some of the best that I have and the I wouldn’t replace my time there for anything.

So the weekend I had some fun playing paintball with friends and family and it was extremely FUN. The only negative is that everyday I am discovering new places where I was shot, and it kind of hurts. But we need to that again.

In the next week I am getting my forex and then it will become even more real and I am also expecting my lease contracts in the following weeks as well.    

In the coming weeks I will blog more often especially with the days getting less and less. And I can’t wait and the excitement is starting  increasing.


Finally confirmed, YEAH

Today was the day that things finally got finalised. I received my work visa for the American Consulate and with that I also received my itinerary for my trip to Philadelphia. So after hours of admin and tons of paperwork, I can finally start to relax and plany trip to Philadelphia and the other cities in the wonderful USA. So come the 4th of January, I will embark on my 12 hour flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Washington D.C. and then on to Philadelphia. So wait America I am on the way, YEAH!!!

Planning the trip!!

So I finally got my US visa today, and the very first thing that I organised for my trip to Philly is to purchase a ticket for the Rihanna Diamonds Tour concert.


He’ll yeah!!! No I am epicly upped for my 4 month journey in rhetoric States. Now if I can only sort out all my freaking admin that I have to do before I leave, and also plan the rest of the trip. If only the Maroon 5 concert wasn’t sold out, DAMN!!!

Well I heard that one of my friends are heading to the States and he mentioned Vegas, so oh yeah for that.

Well on a side note, the Linkin Park concert at the stadium was extremely awesome and totally ROCKED. It was the best concert experience that I had and I am pleased that it came from my favourite rock group of all time. And I got to see it in my home town.

It is just sad that someone had to die. My condolences go out to her family and friends, and my prayers are with all of you.